Home Staging Services

Home staging is a big part of the selling process and staging a home for sale is our specialty.  According to industry analysis, staged homes sell faster and for more than homes that are not staged. We are committed to providing you with the best solution to fit your needs whether you want a full staging or just want to make some improvements for yourself, we can help you with your goal

Vacant Staging

Staging a vacant property is an important step, as most people cannot see its true potential until it is furnished and staged. This is because over 90% of visitors are unable to visualize a homes potential. Vacant home staging involves 3 steps.

1- Consultation We begin with a consultation. We can advise which rooms will make the most impact and how much furniture is required.

2- Staging – Once confirmed we will evaluate the layout of your property and take measurements along with photos. We will prepare a package based on the criteria and stage the property

3- DeStage – Once the contract is completed our team will efficiently remove the furniture and accessories

Occupied Staging

If the house is furnished, or lived in most of the time we can advise to rearrange existing furniture to improve the flow and recommend accessories. We can also offer a color consultation. With a small investment and time, we can freshen up the space. the difference can be huge. Partial staging is always better than no staging.

Virtual Staging

Virtual home staging is an economical alternative to physical home staging and can be appropriate in certain situations.  This is the most cost effective solution. We can work with existing photos and add furniture and accessories as per the style of the property. We will be happy to discuss your specific needs with you. Please call us today for pricing.